Thursday, April 18, 2013

The beginnings of plot mechanics

Of course, for a game like this the plot is essential and I'll be forcing the player to read walls and walls of text. Now, the screenshot below isn't exactly thrilling but what is interesting is the behind the scenes actions taking place. 

There's now a system whereby a data file contains all possible messages to be sent to the player as they explore the game world, which can obviously be used to flesh out the plot or provide some kind of description of game areas as things go on. This is stored in plain text and is obviously highly modifiable and very easy to chop and change. Basically the game now loads that all up on start up, positions those messages appropriately through the game world and pays attention to when the player comes within a certain range of the tile containing the trigger and away we go. 

It might not seem like much, but it's an important part of the central structure of making this game an RPG and not a simple roguelike! And it also means that I'm getting much closer to the point where I can start quickly producing game content as the underlying systems to interpret and display that all fall into place.

Next up is probably plot characters - otherwise normal monsters or NPC's which have a certain plot element to their existence and with whom the player can interact. The trick thing will be thinking about how best to store this information in a data file to be interpreted on game start.

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