Friday, April 12, 2013

Roguelike tiles and

Before I forget, I should credit the graphics that I've stolen and put into this game. They come from Open Game Art after a long search for tiles which weren't so big that it didn't cause me problems when the font was forced to be the same size and not so small that you can't make out what they represent.

I settled on that tileset because the 16x16 size felt about right and the tiles themselves haven't been overused in roguelike games to date and looked the part for what I wanted.

You'll see that the graphics I used for the walls didn't come from that same tileset - instead I searched around for something I could use to draw the various different wall directions and joins and ended up stumbling upon a tileset created to be used in Dwarf Fortress which I editted and played around with until I ended up with what you can see in the screenshots.

Bizarrely, Open Game Art user: surt is completely unknown to me before I decided that I liked his tiles and I know nothing about him apart from what he has posted about himself on an internet profile but it turns out that he lives in the same city as me and was born within two days of me. Creepy. Sorry if this weirds you out 'surt', but that's the internet for you.

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