Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fida'i - End of day three

The view shown is debug mode by the way and normally you can't see through walls etc, but I thought that best to mention if I keep posting full-screen pics. The assassin is a bit hard to make out like this which isn't a problem in the actual game because the field of view is limited to what's in front of him. You can't miss him.

New stuff:

- Stones for throwing to distract hostile enemies searching for you with a distracting sound;
- Coins for throwing onto the ground to distract a non-hostile enemy and they will go and pick it up and maybe neglect their guard duty;
- Assassination target who is the enemy with the red suit. He is the one who is described as the 'uncaring warrior' in this game as I just did a look command at him for the screenshot and that was the randomly generated assassination target for that playthrough;
- Two body guards who move around near the assassination target and they are the heavily armoured enemies;
- New tiles for stones, coins, doors (open and shut) and other stuff;
- Bug fixes and AI tweaks and a bunch of minor rubbish;

Things seem on track for a comfortable finish. The to-do list includes more thief equipment to vary up the gameplay, and also some expansion on the backstabbing mechanics so you can choose to murder anyone you like in town even if they aren't hostile. Also, more vaults to build city blocks out of (as there are only three or so currently which is why the random map sucks at the moment), as well as a bunch of UI and gameplay tweaks.

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