Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fida'i - End of day four

This was a day where I got a fair bit done but not as much as I'd like as I became bogged down in technical AI issues and other bugs which popped up along the way, not to mention having to hold down a real job in between somehow.

The practical and interesting things was the finalising of the bodyguard AI so that they pathfind after your assassination target and which means that they're a constant threat while you're trying to close in to make the kill.

But I spent a bit of time while on the AI of those guards implementing the simple sounding 'gold coin' item. This is an object which for some reason is ignored by the ordinary townsfolk, but anyone who is tasked with guarding the town or a person simply can't resist walking over and picking one up when they see it. So you can throw a coin and try and lure your target over to it and hopefully away from the bodyguards. Or throw it in front of the bodyguards and hopefully they'll take the distraction leaving their charge alone. That's combined with the stone item for distracting noises and the smoke bomb for cover ups or get aways to fill out the assassin's kit at this stage.

Also, the map is bigger and I implemented a whole bunch of new vaults to randomise the map in "wang tile" style. That's actually probably the most significant change but it was one which isn't all that interesting to  me because it was already programmed and just needed me to sit down and populate the data file.

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