Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back to work - finishing up character creation and implementing priest healing

Hello, it has been a few months since I've made progress with The Burning Plague but I'm back to work with a few days coding in a row. The hardest bit after all that time is figuring out what all my code does particularly when most of my documentation and comments is me swearing at my future self and apologising for not documenting properly!

I spent a few hours working on finishing up the half-done character creation system. Now you can customise your character with respect to your attributes and what skills you specialise in. That sounds fairly basic but I had to much around coding new menus for that custom purpose and it was one of those annoying jobs which it's hard to get excited for.

Here's a demonstration of a new bug that goes along with healing, if you raise someone from unconscious then they remain looking like a pile of bones and don't do a whole lot because the game treats them as such. I'm not sure if I want people to come back from that state really, but I'll think about how I'm going to approach it. But it's fun for now.

Next up is magic. It's already kinda in, I've just got to throw in some spells, starting with a basic offensive spell and moving on from there.

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