Saturday, September 21, 2013

Release of first playable demo

Because there is a thing called the Annual Roguelike Release Party I was convinced that this is probably a good idea for me to get involved with and post up a pre-alpha of what the game consists of so far.

It includes a half-finished character creation process, pretty pictures, good friends to adventure with and a bunch of fights (some too easy and some too hard). It doesn't include a plot or magic or much replayability. A lot of the plot content that I have been working on has been stripped out of this release so I can keep my powder dry for a proper time to release that side of the game.

Commands are keypad (or vi-keys) and 'c' to look at your character information and that's about it at the moment, as I've stripped out a lot of the buggy work-in-progress other commands.

The /data directory contains all the relevant game content files and you're able to fully mod the map and encounters even at this early stage.

Have fun!

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